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Book:  Chronobiology and Chronomedicine: From Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms to Whole Body Interdigitating Networks

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Chronomics and Continuous Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Cosinor technique:

Cosinor-based rhythmometry, 2014

Chronomics analysis toolkit (CATkit), 2016

Sphygmochron analysis video

Application to blood pressure analysis (slides)

A legacy in Time:

Franz Halberg's motto, "Measure what is measurable and render measurable in time what as yet is not" (Omnia metire quaecumque licet et immensa ad mensuram tempestive redige), has also been attributed to Galileo according to Giovanni dell' Acqua, the late professor of medicine at Catholic University in Rome.

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Science objectively quantifying and investigating mechanisms of biologic time structure, including rhythmic manifestations of life. more...

Chronomics (from Greek chronos, time, and Greek nomos, rule)

Science objectively quantifying and investigating influences from the broad environment on biological processes, notably in relation to human physiology and pathology. more...


To serve as an expert facility for research and education in chronobiology as it applies to cardiology


  • To use timing according to rhythms (chronobiologic principles) for assessing cardiovascular health, detect pre-disease early, and optimize treatment administration schedules, in order to reduce the number of people who die of preventable heart attacks and strokes

  • To understand how blood pressure and heart rate vary in response to stimuli in everyday life for health surveillance and maintenance

  • To explore how solar cycles and changes in the Earth’s radiation environment affect human physiology as their impact may have implications for long-term missions in space

2023 Annual Scientific Report

2022 Annual Scientific Report

2021 Annual Scientific Report

2020 Annual Scientific Report

2019 Annual Scientific Report published in Leibnitz Society of Sciences


Recent Publications:

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Key Collaborators: 

• Professor Kuniaki Otsuka, MD, PhD, Chronomics and Gerontology;

• Professor Jarmila Siegelova, MD, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, St Anna Teaching Hospital, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

• Professor Denis Gubin, MD, PhD, Medical University, Tyumen, Russia; and Tyumen Cardiology Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk, Russia

• Associate Professor Lyazzat Gumarova, PhD, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

• Dr Ram B Singh, MD, Halberg Hospital and Research Institute, Centre of Nutrition and Heart Research, Moradabad, India

• Associate Professor Yoshihiko Watanabe, MD, PhD, Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Medical Center East, Tokyo, Japan

• Members of the International Project on The BIOsphere and the COSmos – BIOCOS (coordinated at the Halberg Chronobiology Center)

• Members of the IEEE Twin Cities Phoenix Project

• Engr. Larry A Beaty serves as adviser and consultant to the Halberg Chronobiology Center

• Drs Francine and Julia Halberg are advisory board members of the Halberg Chronobiology Center


Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

Mini Symposium Remembering Franz Halberg
May 19, 2017

Noninvasive Methods in Cardiology, Brno, Czech Republic

European Space Weather Week Conference, Brussels, Belgium
  Presenting Keynote, Cornelissen
  Invited Speech

Conference on Chronomedicine, 2015, Ahamabad, India
  Presentation, Cornelissen
  Presentation, Lee Gierke

Conference on Chronomedicine, 2016, Lucknow, India
  Presentation, Cornelissen
  Presentation, Lee Gierke

CardioPalooza (IBP dept) posters
2014: Lyazzat Gumarova 
2014: Cathy Lee Gierke 
2015: James Fleming 
2016: Shahrukh Rizvi 
2016: Tony Tran 
2016: Cathy Lee Gierke 
2017: Lyazzat Gumarova 
2017: Zainab Farah 
2019: Lyazzat Gumarova 

MN Stroke Conference, MN Dept of Health
2016: Poster, Germaine Cornelissen
2017: Presentation, Germaine Cornelissen

Gordon Conference on Chronobiology, Girona, Spain 
2015: Poster, Cathy Lee Gierke

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