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Chronomics Analysis Toolkit
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CATkit is a rhythm analysis program our lab is developing.  It performs a number of types of cosinor analysis, as well as actogram, autocorrelation, smoothing and crosscorrelation functions. 
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Cycles of Nature: This is an online introduction to Chronobiology based on the book Cycles of Nature.  Successive segments build on each other.  Material is suitable for middle- or high-school age students.
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Glossary of Chronobiology:  In English and Italian.  The introduction to this early reference on chronobiological terminology is by Franz Halberg:  

This edition of the "Glossary of chronobiology" assembles some of those terms used by a group of investigators particularly concerned with the objective assessment and quantification of biologic time structure.

As will emerge from the definitions themselves, concern herein revolves around the resolution in time, largely but not exclusively by electronic computation, of physiologic mechanisms, (e.g., an adrenal cycle) with biochemical components, (e.g., known CRF, ACTH and corticosteroids) in anatomical locations (among others, in the pararenal region).  The circadian "cell" cycle, adrenal cycle and the superimposed controls of human beings or certain other life forms are cases in point.