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Measure what is measurable and render measurable in time what as yet is not

Franz Halberg's motto, "Measure what is measurable and render measurable in time what as yet is not" (Omnia metire quxcumque licet et immensa ad mensuram tempestive redige), has also been attributed to Galileo according to Giovanni dell' Acqua, the late professor of medicine at Catholic University in Rome.

Dr Franz Halberg counting eosinophil
Dr Franz Halberg counting eosinophil
Cuigini and Halberg
<---  Pietro Cuigini
Former Professor of Internal Medicine at the "Sapienza" University Rome, Italy.

Read How I met Prof. Franz Halberg, the Father of Chronobiology
in 1979.  A brief story of the encounter that changed my scientific life.
Dr Halberg

Dr Halberg and dell'Acqua
Frederic C.  Bartter

Dr. Frederic C. Bartter suggested writing about a patient whose BP was diagnosed differently by two physicians who saw him at different times of day.
Dr Howard Levine

Dr. Howard Levine, the late head of medical education at the New Britain (Connecticut) General Hospital, and professor of medicine at the University of Connecticut, implemented self-measurements of blood pressure, heart rate and other performance variables, including grip strength, around the clock from the time of a chronobiologic diagnosis of MESOR-hypertension until the end of life from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, his weakness notwithstanding.
Erna Halberg, Carandente
Erna Halberg
Erna Halberg memorial poem

Farewell Erna dearest

Thou motherly presence for us chronobiologists,
Thou untiring and unrelenting driving spirit of the                   Chronobiology Laboratories of Minneapolis,
Thou deep-knowledged of the experimental problems
          and indispensible bestower of invaluable
Thou unparalleled in the handling of your tiny four-
          legged friends,
Thou unique moderator of disagreements inside and
          outside of the laboratory,
Thou always present, always active...
          above all a gentle friend and confident

we will miss you but
shall always cherish you in our hearts
just as we have done all these years.

Farewell dearest Erna, farewell

Computers in Chronobiology and Chronomedicine

Halberg Hospital, India
Dr Halberg, Dr Cornelissen

Dr Halberg, Dr Cornelissen,


Dr Halberg in his office in Mayo Building, Minneapolis, MN
Dr Halberg in his office in Lion Labs, Minneapolis, MN
Russia, Honorary degree
Larry Beaty wearing an ABPM
Larry Beaty wearing an ABPM
Dr Franz Halberg and wife, Dr Otild Schwartzkopff
Dr Franz Halberg, Dr Otild Schwartzkopff

 Dr Halberg, 90th birthday celebration at University of MN

Bust of Dr Franz Halberg

Soledad Penalta sculpted these two busts 
of Dr Halberg. 

 Bust of Dr Franz Halberg

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